Monday, September 18, 2006

History of Suzuki Method

Suzuki Method is founded by Dr. Shinichi Suzuki (17 October 1898 - 26 January 1998)

Dr Suzuki was borned in a family of violin maker.
He settled in Berlin during the 1920s and had an exceptional circle of friend, of them including, Albert Einstein.

In Germany, he studied violin under Karl Klinger.

In 1928, he married Waltraud Prange and they moved back to Japan.

During this period in Japan, he performed as a quartet with his brothers and began the study of the Mother Tongue Method.

After World War II, Dr Suzuki moved back to Japan, Masumoto, near Tokyo.
In Masumoto, he founded the Talent Education Institute and continued the development of the Mother Tongue Method.

For the next 30 years, Dr Suzuki assembled the repertoire of the Suzuki Violin Method.

The method then gradually expanded to Cello, Viola, Flute, Piano, String Bass, Recorder, Guitar, Harp and Voice

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