Sunday, September 24, 2006

Search for a piano

I have been going around to search for a piano for the past couple of weeks.

I have been to Yamaha, Robert Piano and some used piano dealers.

My observation of the market in Singapore is generally the same between the dealers.

Of course, firstly, we know that it is less frequent that we find a model produced 20 years back still in production today with the exception of Yamaha U series. I attribute that to the improvement of technology and piano making techniques.
What I try to compare is an entry level "Studio" or "Upright" (ie. 48" and above)

In my observation, a new upright piano of this size will generally cost around $7000 and above, and for every 10 years, the depreciation value of sale is around $1500++.
This observation comes from, for 20 years old piano, it is generally at the price of $4000, and a 30 years old will cost around $2300 to $2800.
But, do note that I have not come across any used piano with age of around 10 years. Thus, just by logical extrapolation, I would guess that a 10 years used piano will cost around $5500 and below.

However, do take note that this is the depreciation in sale price. Thus, if you buy a brand new at $7000, after 10 years, if you wish to sell the piano off to a dealer, you will have to further reduce from the sale of $5500 by say another $1000.

In my case, a dealer offer a buy back clause for a 20 years old piano that cost $4000 at a buy back price of $2200 after 2 years which is not very attractive but necessary as the dealer would still wants to make a profit from the buy back.

In the case of my search, personally, I find these three places worth a visit.
Asia Piano at Singapore Shopping Center
The Piano Passion at Exclesior Hotel
Century Piano at Liang Court

After a few sessions to try out some pianos, my search was narrowed down to a 20 years Kawai 125cm (49") model.
The model I have tried are NS-25, BS-20S etc
Personally, I like the warmth of Kawai compare to the crisp bright tone of a Yamaha.
With the warmth, the tone sounds bigger too. However, this is just personal liking, I would expect there are many more out there who prefer a Yamaha tone.

Finally, we decided on a 18 years od BS-20S
Still eagerly waiting for the piano to arrive

The piano has arrived!!!!

Looks great to me!!!!  

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